Send Your Teachers a Card to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is teacher appreciation week during Covid-19 school closure. And it is time to give them a well deserved celebration through a digitized platform. So, to make sure my teachers feel appreciated I am making use of my class of 2025 google classroom and getting my students to write something special to their teachers. I am assigning them a google slide with a teacher appreciation card on it and asking them to submit it to me with their message on it.

To do so, I created a special card for my teachers using CANVA, a free design website. I used an already intact template and modified the message to gear up for teacher appreciation. It is pretty simple once you get used to the program.

After the card was created, I downloaded it from Canva in PNG format, saving it to my hard drive. Then I created a new google slide. In order for my card to be vertical in google slides, I changed the page settings to be 8.5″ by 11″. This can be done in Google Slides by going to -file- then -page setup-. The next step was to add my card. I clicked on the slide and then went to -background- then followed the steps to add the PNG that you saved on your hard drive. After this step, I added a few boxes for text. In order for students to see the text boxes, I made sure they were outlined in another color and not transparent.

To assign the card for students to fill out I created an assignment on my Google Classroom. If you have a Google Classroom then you are probably already familiar with this process. I go to -classwork- and + create- then -assignment-. I title it, add instructions, and attach the google slide in -add-. There are some options with each assignment. In this case, I assigned this to all of my students (no points, no grade, no due date). Oh and don’t forget to choose the option to make a copy for every student! I repeat, make a copy for every student.

Now all my students have to do is type their name, teachers name, and a message and hit submit. When I get these returned to me, I will then share this assignment/card with their teacher through the google share button.

Want to skip the steps above? No problem, download my PNG below or download my Google Slide in PowerPoint. Iv’e attached both of them below.

And finally, happy teacher appreciation week to every teacher out there! You deserve to be celebrated.

Teacher-Appreciation_-Send-Your-Teacher-a-Card.pptx (240 downloads) I-appreciate-you.png (124 downloads)

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