Mariner High School Black Student Union and Allies Protest Against Racism and Discrimination

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to protest in a rally for black lives matter as my former students, who are now in high school, led the way in speaking on issues of racism, discrimination, police brutality, and even love. And it was one of the most incredible events in my school counseling career.

Their demonstration that enough is enough will forever stand in my mind. Student after student shared a story and a name with the crowd of black men and women who have been unjustly treated and murdered by the police. Then, one by one they fell to the ground.

But their stories are what hit home for me. Black students shared their disappointment, anger, frustrations, and pain at living in America as a young black teens in both the community and school system. Stories of being called the “n” word in the hallway, being disciplined as disproportionate rates, the inability to get the help they needed to shut racism down, the lack of adult intervening, and even how tired they are of living in fear… that one day their brother just may not come home.

And in just those 3 hours— I grew exponentially! As we marched I made a commitment to my black students, colleagues, and families that as a white privileged school counselor I would do better by them! Im stoked. Im excited about these protests! Its time. Thank you to my black students for educating me and asking me to do better. I accept the challenge.

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