Hot House- A Place to Relax

Last weekend my boyfriend treated me to a day at Hothouse Women’s Spa and Sauna as a way to celebrate me. He knows that I value spaces where I can relax, quiet the mind, and heal from my days as a school counselor. And I had the best time!

The spa consists of my favorite things- a hot tub, a sauna, and a steam room. At HotHouse you can remain in the facilities for as long as your heart desires for a fee of $18.00.  You can invest in additional services like a massage but I found that my time in the facilities was enough to feel the effect that I had hoped for.

Here is what I did. After I first showered I entered the hot pool for about 10 minutes, followed by 10 minute stints in the steam room and the sauna. I stood under the cold water plunge and reentered the hot pool. I repeated. In between heat sources I drank water, relaxed in the lounge area or around the pool and turned my mind off. At one point I took a mini nap on the mats they provided. Then I repeated again.

I love hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas! I know research is mixed but I find that they have many health benefits for me. Better sleep, detoxification, and relaxation are a few.

I am not sure what the typical amount of time is at Hothouse but I went there from 1:00-4:00pm. I think I wanted to take advantage of the entire experience.

The Hothouse was a unique experience for me due to a few reasons. First, it was yet another experience that required me to unplug entirely. No cell phones are allowed in the facility, making it a peaceful and mindful atmosphere. Second of all, it is a women’s spa everyone is strongly encouraged to go nude. Literally on their website it says “bathing suits may be worn but not required”. I actually think it would have been awkward to wear my bathing suit. That was a first timer for me. And third, no one really talks to each other. I did engage in one conversation in the three hours I was there, otherwise people only interacted with others if they had a friend with them. I do like that the facility has a strict whisper policy.

If you want a unique experience I suggest checking out HotHouse or something similar in your own city! Go alone first then see if your brave enough to invite a friend.


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