I Love School Counseling

It is true. I am lucky. I have found my passion within the context of my career. And my passion is school counseling.

Broken down my passion is in the roots of the school counseling profession. Social Justice Advocacy. Mental Health. Leadership. Management. Education. Accountability and Data. Teens. Especially teens. And so much more.

I have found a career journey in which I get to pursue many of my passions. And I cant help but want to share this journey with others. The purpose of this blog is multidimensional. For starters, it is for me. An opportunity for me to share my lifestyle, ups and downs, and day to day challenges in the school counseling world. Second, the purpose of this blog is to support others who may consider entering the profession or who currently connect with the stories and anecdotes that I will be sharing. And third, it is to provide some tools and tricks for practicing school counselors as I share what is working for me and what I am excited about. It is for those practicing school counselors who need a little camaraderie, love, or maybe some inspiration.

In the end, i love school counseling blog is an opportunity for me to write. Seven years into my career as a school counselor and I am finally recognizing the true need for self-care to avoid counselor burnout or educator fatigue or vicarious trauma or whatever other ailment seems to be plaguing our educators. Writing for me is an outlet.

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I introduce I Love School Counseling in January of 2019. I look forward to you being apart of this journey.



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