Happy National School Counseling Week Feb 4-11

Dear School Counselor,

You sparkle. I know that there are days when you feel like you are inadequate, that your aren’t making an impact, that you aren’t meeting the demands of your principal or colleagues or the ones you place on yourself. But I am here to remind you that you sparkle.

As a school counselor, you are doing amazing things. You work your ass off day in and day out, providing one on one and small group counseling experiences, classroom guidance lessons as well as consultation and collaboration.

You enhance the overall academic, career, and personal social development of every child.

And through all of this you still sparkle.

Even when a parent yells at you or a staff gets in your face. You rise above it and sparkle.

Even when you are expected to fix the child and cant, because how could you, you rise above it and still sparkle.

The endless hours of 504’s, credit checks, writing letters of recommendations, making referrals to mental health agencies have not dimmed your sparkle. Even after days of of listening to anxieties, stressors, worries, and irrational thinking from your students, parents, teachers, and admins you still sparkle.

Even when it feels like the world is falling on your shoulders you sparkle.

You show up. You sparkle. And the world is grateful for you!

Happy National School Counselor Week Feb 4-Feb 11th 2019!

xoxo Dr. Mitchell

P.S. These cards are currently on sale in the $1 bin at Target. My co-counselors are going to love them!




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