Grief in a Teenage World During Covid-19

Grief is real. It is a forever reaction to loss. And currently, during the COVID-19 virus pandemic and thus school closure, many teens are feeling a huge sense of loss. Emotions are big and grief has struck.

In the past few days I have spent some time thinking about grief and mulling it over. What grief am I experiencing as a public school counselor during this pandemic? And more, what grief are my students experiencing? As I talked to my students I heard themes related to “security” and “safety”. Grief regarding loss of communication with friends. Grief about job loss and money loss in their families. Grief related to the loss of activities. Fear about the pandemic. Some even mentioned the loss of routine.

And there was really no direction on how to put a name to this grief. How to deal with it. How to get the support and help they need.

Now more than ever our teens need guidance in how to understand their mental health. So I am asking my teachers to talk about it. And to do so I have offered them a video platform and a reflective worksheet as a guide.

It may be helpful for you too! So feel free to watch my presentation here:
And if you like what you see, download the reflective worksheet and presentation for free below.

Grief Cycle During Covid-19 (238 downloads) Grief and Wellbeing Reflective Worksheet (263 downloads)

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