Birthdays for Teens in the Covid-19 Season

Schools are closed. And so it seems a lot of the world is. So a birthday during Covid-19 is less than ideal for any teenager. So I wanted to make birthdays a little extra special for my students.

So every single one of my students who has a birthday during school closure will get a video from me wishing them a happy birthday! Check it out here:

To make the video, I used a program called loom where you can easily record yourself and your screen at the same time. Loom is very user friendly and when you are done with the video you are provided a link that you can share with your students. I decided to record myself to the happy birthday song where there are a few other monkeys dancing. My video is not perfect but it is fun and engaging and my students are loving it!

The bigger question is how I get my link to my students during COVID 19. You can send the link if you have your students email addresses or you can text to them if you have their phone numbers. I have neither but I do have a Google Classroom. So I am assigning the video to students during their birthday week with a fun message telling them I care about them and wish them a happy birthday. I created one assignment and just add students to it when it is their birthday week.

For those students whose birthday I already missed, I created another assignment saying “Sorry I missed your birthday”.

I have to tell you the kids love it.

For more information on what I did check out my video that tells all on the i love school counseling youtube channel:

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